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దళిత జాతికే కళంకం సునీల్‌ కుమార్‌ పులివెందుల వేషాలు కుప్పంలో చెల్లవు అఫిడవిట్‌లో చెప్పినవన్నీ నిజాలే : వైఎస్‌ షర్మిల

The Latest TDP news says that Nara Lokesh is expected to begin his padayatra the following week. According to Lokesh, there were several challenges faced by the present government. He said that through bringing lawsuits, activists and leaders were individually targeted and harassed. He claimed, though, that he was still fighting. Workers and leaders are the party’s greatest assets. He still has all of his strength. According to him, the original would not have emerged if the TDP administration had followed. He said that he is doing a padayatra to know about people’s issues. Also, he added that his way is well defined by the words of Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Lokesh, the TDP’s national general secretary, met with the party’s top figures. A video conference was held with members of the BC Sadhikara Samiti, the Polit Bureau, MLAs, MPs, in-charges, Speakers of Parliament, the State Committee, and other connected groups. They talked about Yuvagalam Padayatra’s management. AP The National General Secretary of the TDP is launching the Yuvagalam Padayatra to address social challenges, according to TDP President Achchennaidu which acts as great political news for AP. To ensure the Yuvagalam Yatra is successful, the whole party apparatus should put forth a lot of effort. Under an opposing government, people are being trampled. The state should once again be on the path of growth, which calls for the election of the TDP to office.

According to Nara Lokesh, their conflict lasted three and a half years. The Telugu Desam Party’s influence and resistance are neither new, he claimed. However, things are different now. Such a psychiatric regime has never before been observed by me. He said that we had many challenges, that activists and leaders were singled out for harassment, and that lawsuits were brought against them. He asserted that the leaders and workers make up the party’s core.

According to the latest Telugu news they are using the sand, liquor, and mining mafias to plunder the state and its citizens. He said that the people’s workload had significantly risen.

There has been a significant increase in current fees, the cost of necessities, RTC fees, and the price of gasoline and petroleum. He took up the canteen that contains the poor man’s rice, which is unusual. They said that we would feed the hungry.

The conflict is one-sided. Everyone is in favour of the TDP. He predicted that the TDP’s rule will replace the psychos in time. To do this, it is required to move closer to the group of individuals.

Through initiatives, the people in our state have been informed of their fate. He said that he will shortly go on the Yuvagalam Padayatra with everyone’s blessings. They claimed that the international education programme had been discontinued. The current businesses have been ousted. He said that the lack of new businesses is the reason I am travelling to advocate for social causes.

According to Lokesh, he will be aware of the issues facing every community. He said that he would bring it to the government’s notice and pursue justice. The issues will be resolved as soon as the TDP administration takes office if the government doesn’t act. This will be for sure in the trending list of the latest telugu TDP news.

My padayatra, according to him, will take 400 days and cover 4,000 kilometres. The goals of our God NTR and the vision of our Nara Chandrababu nAidu will be carried forth on Yuvagalam, according to Lokesh. The top leaders offered several ideas as well as their commitment to doing their utmost to make the padayatra successful.
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